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Jewish Women's Circle

Jewish Women's Circle


stands for

Jewish Education for Women's Enrichment and Living Spiritualy.

The Womens Circle meets at various times throughout the year for engaging discussions on age old Jewish topics,
current issues, healthy living and holiday preparations. With lectures, creative crafts and food; we cover a wide
spectrum of interest. These gatherings have successfully brought women together in shared vision of community and friendship. All Jewish women are welcome regardless of background, knowledge or level of observance. We are joined
by Jewish women from Mississauga, Oakville, Milton and Brampton.

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Women’s Group Calendar for the Year 5777


Wednesday, September 14, 7:00pm

Spiritual Kneading

Make Challah from scratch! Learn the significance of the different shapes of Challah.

Now is your time to get all your questions answered - e-mail your questions to with the subject: Ask the Rebbetzin.

As the dough rises we will enjoy Challah and dips.

Wednesday, November 2, 11:30 am

ReJEWvenate the Mind, Body and Soul

Stretch you mind as we discuss concepts rarely explored, Stretch your body with Yoga and Tai Chi exercises and Stretch your soul to understand some deep Kabbalistic ideas.

Create a salad in a jar to enjoy for lunch and one to take home.

Wednesday, December 7, 11:30 am


Come and get into the Chanukah spirit!
Bring in a gift to swap (maximum $15), take home a decorative candle of your making, learn the prayer for lighting candles at Chanukah and enjoy a latke bar.

Wednesday, January 4, 11:30 am

What your Handwriting Says about YOU!

The power of the pen. Elaine Charal, certified Handwriting Analyst, will entertain and enlighten us as she describes what can be learned from looking at one’s handwriting.

Warm yourself up with a delicious lunch of fresh chili, rolls and vegi's.

Wednesday, February 1, 11:30 am

Tea Cups for Green Thumbs

Prepare for Tu B’shvat by planting your own Teacup Succulent. They are easy to care for and easy to plant. If you have your own tea cup bring it in.

Enjoy a delicious lunch of healthy green foods.

March 1, 11:30 am

Your Inner Artist Revealed

Artist Devorah Kleiner from Let’s Paint will bring out the creativity you never knew you had! Come with an open mind and be ready to have fun. With Purim around the corner, we’ll discuss how Queen Esther was also an artist.

Enjoy Bagels and toppings with delicious chocolate dipped hamentashen for dessert.

Wednesday, April 5, 11:30 am

Too Good to Passover!

Create your own jewelry to wear at the Seder table. Taste different variations of charoset. Do you have a special recipe for Charoset? Let us know in advance and you can feature your family’s secret recipe.
Discuss the different Seder customs various communities have while enjoying some typical Ashkenazi food: gefilte fish, potato kugel, and more.

Wednesday, May 3, 11:30 am

Trash or Treasure?

Phyllis Kingsley is a retired school principal and small antique dealer. She will talk about trends in antiques and where the market is heading. This will be an interactive discussion and Q and A.
Bring in your own "treasures" from home to find out more information. Discuss Jewish womenthroughout the ages and learn what we can from them.
Enjoy a yummy Falafel Bar.

Wednesday, June 7, 11:30 am

Woman to Woman

Shirley Evans will discuss her work with women's shelters. Bring in practical gifts to help supply the shelter such as unused toiletries, towels and supplies etc.
Don't forget to fill out our year end survey.

Enjoy a Barbecue lunch.

Sunday, June 18, 7:00pm

Spa for the Soul

Enjoy an evening of song and inspiration complete with guest speakers and musical accompaniment with a complete dinner and dessert.

*No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.