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Feel free to use the sukkah during your lunch break!

Please call first: 905.268.4432
Make a Brocha (blessing) in the Sukkah!

Stop by our sukkah to shake the lulov and etrog!

Lulav (small)Esrog

Wednesday, October 4
Candle Lighting   6:36 pm
Thursday, October 5
Morning Services   10:00 am
Candle Lighting after   7:34 pm
Friday, October 6
Morning Services   10:00 am

Join us for the blessing with the Lulav & kidush in the Sukkah after services.


Wednesday, October 11
Candle Lighting   6:23 pm
Evening Service
Followed by short Hakafot with the Torah
  7:00 pm
Thursday, October 12
Morning Services   10:00 am
Yizkor Memorial Service   11:15 am
Candle Lighting after   7:22 pm
Kiddush and Hakafot Service   7:00 pm
Great Kiddush, Lively Dancing and Hakafot, L'chaim, flags and treats for the kids and MORE
Friday, October 13
Yom Tov Services   9:00 am
Completing the Torah
Followed by Kiddush and Hakafot!                     10:00 am   
Shabbat, October 14
Shabbat Services   10:00 am
Reading of first Parsha of the Torah
11:00 am
Followed by Kiddush