This is a special time of your daughter’s life and BMC is here to help her make the most of it. The goal of BMC is to give her the tools to cope with anything life can throw at her, all while becoming a strong Jewish Woman.

We know it's a lofty goal, but with her friends and leader by her side, we can make a huge impact on her life and the lives of members in your community.

Especially, out her in Mississauga, Oakville and Milton, when each of our Jewish daughter's are one of the only Jews in her class or even school, the importance of a strong Jewish foundation is vitally important.

Our lessons detail what it means to become a Jewish woman in today's world, so she'll realize that every little bit makes a difference in her life and the lives of her friends, family and neighbors. After all, a Bat Mitzvah is more than a party ... although we'll be doing a lot of that too.