"My son really enjoyed going to Hebrew school and making Jewish friends. The way that Hebrew is taught here is fun and enjoyable and he looked forward to his weekly classes. Now that the year is over, he is looking towards next year and learning and preparing for his Bar Mitzvah."
- Lana Wolf

"Having non-Jewish in-laws and residing in an area with very few Jewish people has made it difficult for Talia to truly understand and appreciate what it means to be Jewish. While we were very impressed with the knowledge of Hebrew, the stories of the holidays, and the wonderful crafts that Talia brought home, more than anything the Chabad Hebrew School program instilled in her a sense of Jewish identity and a proudness of her religion, and it is these things that are most important to us. Thank you again for such a wonderful Hebrew school program. Talia will certainly be back in the fall."
- Naomi Ventura

"Rebecca enjoyed her practical studies of the Jewish religion while attending the Chabad Hebrew School. She enjoyed the artwork which associated with each holiday studied. Thank you Sara for your patience and dedication to the school."
- Lisa Orenbach

"My son attended his first year at Chabad Mississauga's Hebrew School. Although he had previously attended a Hebrew School class with another organization, both my husband and I noticed several positive changes during the past year. Chabad offers a smaller, more personalized experience for children. One in which they are encouraged to be themselves while at the same time experience the wealth of Judaic life through meaningful everyday life events that are integrated into their learning. Jonah enjoyed the many different activities and always looked forward to meeting his friends and teachers on a regular basis. He feels so comfortable in this school, like he is truly one of the family."
-Joanna Haber-Lazar